Northwest Framing Systems



At Northwest Framing Systems we take pride in making safety our biggest priority. We hold the safety of our employees, as well as the general public to the highest possible standard as explained in our safety policy…

It is the policy of Northwest Framing Systems that every employee is entitled to a safe and healthful place to work. To this end, every reasonable effort will be made in the interest of accident prevention, fire protection, and health preservation.

The management concept of Northwest Framing Systems is not production and safety; it is production with safety. When production and safety is achieved, production with efficiency is attained simultaneously.

We at Northwest Framing Systems have a basic responsibility to make the safety of human beings a part of our daily, hourly concern. Not only do we regulate and manage the safety procedures on the job, but we give our employees the tools and training to protect themselves and others. We offer free OSHA 30 training to all employees to increase the safety acumen of the individual should a problem arise.

The successful operation of Northwest Framing Systems depends not only on craftsmanship and organization, but also on how safely each project was performed. There is no job so important – nor any task so urgent – that we cannot afford the extra time to complete it safely. We consider the well-being of our personnel to be our highest priority and we demand their cooperation in making our safety program effective.

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